Casanova Party 2.0

“Stop Inviting AWO Boys To Your Shows” – Casanova Party Organizer Cries Out

In the wee hours of Sunday, the Organizers of the Casanova Party made a public release regarding the Casanova party 2.0.

Unfortunately, the award-winning party in its second edition which held on 12/04/2019 at Pit Theatre has been disrupted by Awo Boys and the release was to make clear the fracas that ensued.

The release (below) which contained some damning allegations was sent with the following caption:

“Casanova was still sold out tho… To all who tried to destroy the event, I thank God they weren’t successful, to the shame of the devil and the thugs covering up under the umbrella of 🤔, y’ all know aiidy.

Casanova Crew.”

Casanova Crew's Public Release.
Casanova Crew’s Public Release.

OAU JUICE had a special chat session with the organizers to find out what exactly went down at Casanova 2.0 and also address all allegations made.

OJB: Can you give us an update on what exactly happened before and at the party?

Before now, My friend had hinted to me that AWO boys had it in mind to collect the award for best campus event at OAU awards which we collected last year.

My friend told me to buckle up and I told him that we ain’t chasing any award with Casanova party 2.0. 

Since we knew about that, we suspected something was fishy and figured out there might be plans to spoil our event – the Casanova party 2.0.

For the event, the ticket was 5K per VIP table and AWO boys paid 8k for VIP as gate fee which was not enough to cater for two VIP tables.

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They came to the event with 16 persons including girls and demanded that I provide VIP treatment for all of them.

Even a regular ticket is just 500 and they were expecting VIP treatment for 16 persons which wasn’t possible since they all paid 8K.

I took it upon myself to give them barbecue fish with the regular drink and they were still expecting one vodka each.

Then, I cleared them verbally that it wouldn’t work that way before one of their outburst and I left the scene.

Later on, they went up to the stage and collected the mic from my MC, MC Blaq l, and started speaking thrash.

Their supposed president, Ay Joks came to meet me and said ”me that I’m AWO president and I wanted my guy to perform and you didn’t allow it”

And I was like “who you be?”

They spoilt my event. They even put off my gen during the party and the event was down for over 15 minutes.

I went out of the party and they followed me and surrounded me. My wristwatch even got off and I don’t know who took it.

My pocket got torn. They started ranting that, I’ve fucked up and my guy said we should beg them. They were asking for a refund and I told them no problem.

I prostrated for them and started pleading with them so they would calm down. I prostrated, lied down on the floor just for the event to go on smoothly.

I refunded back their 8k even when they’ve eaten, drunk, spoilt my event, and still threatening me.

I’m just grateful that even with the fracas, the show was sold out and ended on a good note. 

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The event went on and I wrote the release after the event and posted it in all my groups just to appreciate everyone.

OJB: From the release, you mentioned OPAKUME is not a student. Should we believe you?

Yes, Opakume is not even a student. He wanted to do a diploma in dramatic arts for some years back in OAU but didn’t get in. He doesn’t even have a portal currently. 

We spent a lot of money on the party just to make it worthwhile. We spent on logistics, promoted on urban WhatsApp TV, (one of the biggest WhatsApp TV channels in Nigeria), and even created a website for the Casanova party 2.0 and it’s so sad that some stupid AWO boy who isn’t a bonafide student would come and ruin our work for us.

OJB: What’s the issue surrounding the rap battle challenge between Virus VS J-Tunes VS WunderKid?

Last year July 13 (my birthday) to be precise, we went to a show at the pre-degree campus at Moro.

Virus was present at that party and there’s a rapper called wunderkind (a predite then) who said he wanted to do a rap battle with Virus.

Of course, Virus refused the challenge, said no, and added that once He (WunderKid) gets his admission letter, he should come for the rap battle challenge.

So currently, WunderKid has been admitted and he told my partner that he still wants the rap battle challenge, so we got creative and made publicity for the rap battle challenge to happen at the Casanova party just to spice things up.

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When Opakume saw the poster and BC flying around, he texted me. Here is our conversation on the issue.

Even Virus manager messaged me and told me that Virus is already bigger than any rap battle challenge on OAU campus and won’t partake in such.

We told him it’s not by force for him to show up, that we just want to spice things up with the rap battle challenge thing. It’s nothing personal.

So at the party, They all came around and apparently, Virus had threatened WunderKid at the background not to go on with any rap battle challenge anymore and WunderKid said he’s not doing again.

After much persistence, they all later went out to drop lines.

Then Virus can drop a few lines and end it with “if rap battle na court, na me go be the judge” just to catch cruise with them.

We sent 5K to him after the event just for him showing up so it wasn’t basically an issue.

OJB: Your final words…?

AWO Boys

So I’m voicing out basically, for other brands and party organizers to learn from our mistakes and steer clear of them (Awo boys).

Gone are the good ol days when we still had people of integrity as AWO boys.

OJB: Alright, it was nice having you!

You’re welcome!

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