[POEM] “First Class for Sale” by Durodola, Abiola Eportah

First Class for Sale


Posted: 12|08|2017

(On the commemoration of the international youth day and the enormous challenge that is ahead of us as youths. How the ruling elites are decimating education and taking jobs away from the common men. Enjoy!! )


First Class for Sale

Serious buyer only

It goes for a chump change of 10k

Over hyped is education

The future is uncertain


First class for sale

“Chache” is the new language

My degree means nothing

The other time

First class goes for a Mug,

Now order on Jiji.com.


First Class for sale

For a derisory price of 10k

Our government ain’t worry about Nothing

Jobs are for the oligarchs

Our banks prefer pageantry

The dark nights of burning candles

The days sleep go on sabbatical

They are memories now.


First class for sale

My country has failed me

I’m pessimistic about what becomes of me.

Abasha, Iranu now attract attention

Farewell education, gone too soon


Durodola, Abiola Eportah

[email protected]

Lagos, Nigeria.


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