[VIDEO] OUI Cult Group Attack Students on OAU Campus

During the Credit Alert Party which featured Zlatan Ibile as the headline artiste, members of a cult group identified as “Alora” attacked students on OAU campus.

The purpose of the party which was for students to come and ‘Gbe body e‘ with the Zanku dance pioneer wasn’t defeated as students were seen jumping all over Amphitheatre as soon as the attack ensued.

The attack would be seen as the first of its kind in two decades since the July 10, 1999 attack.

It all started inside Amphitheatre while the show was underway.

Some members of the cult group confronted and thereafter, harassed some students and guests who attended the Credit Alert party.

According to an eye-witness report, the group slapped the face of four notable OAU social figures who were guests at the event after a brief exchange of words.

Later on, they proceeded to a section of the hall to confront a student who was wearing a yellow shirt.

Upon failure to establish his affiliation to any cult group, he was also slapped.

Afterwards, they were challenged by a student of the university and a member of awo boys, popularly known as Ay-Joks.

The group descended on Ay-Joks and dragged him outside the venue while serving him with severe punches and slaps.

Ay-Joks was already drenched in the pool of his own blood before some conscious and well-meaning students stepped-in for him to save him from members of the so called Alora Confraternity.

It took serious resistance and confrontation from few bold and conscious students to challenge the raging cultists.

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The group had attacked with a dagger, knife and a local charm identified as “Bante”.

According to eye-witnesses, the cult group comprised of mostly OUI students and one identified OAU student and a female student also.

The cult members were later rounded up by students, thoroughly beaten and handed over to the school security.

They were taken away by the school security in a van to an unknown destination.

Information revealed that they came in fully customized yellow shirts, communicated in cult languages, signs and slogans.

Students’ Reactions

Some students of OAU had responded to the cult attack.

One blamed the relative success of the cult attack on lack of electricity on campus.

Another blamed it on several factors such as the absence of a Students’ Union and accommodation policy.

As at the time of time of filing this report, seven out of the cultists have been arrested and detained at the Moore Area Command.

N.B: This is a developing story and readers are advised to stay tuned as more information are released.

SOURCE: Great Ife Watch

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    Parties like this should be banned on campus for the next one session, excluding departmental/faculty parties. Alternatively, these kind is parties should follow stricter rules.

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