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OAU5, AFRIKA’S MURDER: NAUS/CMC Osun Axis Cries for Justice and Also Challenges Today’s Student Leaders

Just like yesterday, today in history saw a show of horrific and demonic heartlessness that cost the lives of five iconic student activists, Afrika among.

These were guys whose lifestyles and demise encapsulate the whole lots of challenges and struggles that Nigerian Students have been faced with right from the early days.

Their stories being told gives chequered feelings. As the highly formidable doggedness gives an inspiration that triggers the guts to always stand uncompromisingly for the welfare of students, then the part of the villain-sponsored ravage which got them brutally murdered overnight being swept under the carpet with no review and recheck over the years back is sure to prompt a sour imagination of how a country could be so despicably nonchalant towards the course of safeguarding the lives and welfare of her students and future.

George Iwilade Afrika

It patently could be declared the darkest night so far on OAU campus. The night that discontinued the echoes of the voices that fought for the serenity which OAU Campus enjoys till tomorrow. The night that threw stones of sadness to the realm of studentship. The night that snatched promising children away from their parents, friends, and colleagues in cold blood.

Yet, it was a night sacrificed for the peace and safety of the subsequent nights ever on OAU campus. The night that launched irrevocable freedom for students on OAU campus. The night that redefined studentship not only on OAU Campus but also across the nation.

This is a challenge to today’s students’ leaders. OAU5 protected the oaths and vows to always fight for the interest of students with their lives. How truly are we as student leaders striving to fulfill the vows and promises that saw us all into our respective posts?

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Also a cry and wail out to the concerned authorities in the Nigerian Government. This nation lost some of her great fruits to the haunt of unchecked autonomy and injustice.

It remains an unforgettable source of sadness and agitations for us, Nigerian Students. We’ve been clamoring bitterly and will never desist from doing so.

It is never too late to bring the culprits to deserved wrath. Erect Justice for OAU5

It is what stands as the legacy of their deaths. Bring Back OAU Student Union.

By Lawal Idris Tomiwa
SA on Media and Publicity NAUS/CMC OSUN AXIS

Under the Auspices of
Comr. ELUYERA kayode M.

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