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[VIDEO] OAU Students Dance To Naira Marley’s Soapy In Front of Their Lecturer

Naira Marley, despite his flaws, is still widely loved and admired by many Nigerians. And it is not unusual to see his fans, popularly tagged MARLIANS, vibing and dancing when his song comes on, regardless of the scenario.

This was the case during a lecture at Obafemi Awolowo University, where students were spotted vibing to Naira Marley’s ‘soapy’ song, in the presence of their lecturer.

In the video, which was shared by Naira Marley on Instagram, the lecturer was obviously quite shocked at the attitude of the students. It was said that one of the students connected his phone to the public address system (PAS) that was to be used by the lecturer for the lecture via Bluetooth.

And before anyone could notice, the student played soapy from his phone which threw the whole lecture room agog. The students kept yelling the lyrics of the song at the top of their voices, while dancing to it at the same time, to the amazement of their lecturer.

Watch the video below;

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