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NAUS Osun Axis Says “No To Rape First, Other Excuses Follows”



It is absolutely a source of societal melancholia that rape has become ubiquitous in our generation. RAPE could sound as simple as anything and can even last for the most fleeting duration, but its demonic havoc is sure to wreck a whole lifetime.

Lust, infatuation, adultery, and some other sorts of informal sexual engagements have been in existence since the early days. Yet, they are all still palatable because they submit to the strictness of consensual sexual intercourse.  Anything that negates this is nothing but RAPE.

And the obvious fact that the advent of uncensored adoption of technology and civilization also brought about a further decadence in sexual orientations can not be neglected.

The conspicuous launch of this absurd sexual compellation could be dated back to the era of consistent distortions across the globe.

But even at that, cases used to be recorded only in periods of international discordances such as war and colonization. In no serene environment would one hear about cases of RAPE.

With a bitter and aggrieved hNational Association of University Students, Osun Axis, says NO to Rape.

With a lot flowing in the air in recent years and the late escalations, it’s unfortunate that RAPE has been made to become a daily routine across the globe.

Our ladies are being subjected to sexual assaults and also murdered in the course. It has gotten so rampant that one could hardly doubt that four out of ten homes would not have at least a lady who has been or is currently being a victim of RAPE but is forced to keep the sufferings to herself.

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Of course, society has successfully designed a shameful impression around victimization to RAPE. Voicing out that you were once or still being subjected to RAPE is a warrant to becoming an object of societal ridicule.

So only a few ladies could afford to take such risk.

Updates of new RAPE cases have succeeded in securing a constant feature in our daily news headlines and social media trends.

But how could we be so loose and nonchalant to the extent of getting deep into the abyss of RAPE?

With our indifference, we gradually allowed our streets and neighborhoods chameleon into a horrifically unsafe zone for the female gender.

We carelessly leave our campuses open to the hunt of RAPISTS.

Ladies can’t freely move out to schools, places of work, religious places, and other places of their choice. They can’t even just stay peacefully at home without a racing heartbeat in fear of sudden grab and drag towards a corner.

And we want them to be ambitious and be pivotally contributive to the global growth. How on earth do we expect the feasibility of this when we leave them to a heartless society that inexorably growls dreadful sexual threats at them?

Neither the brightness of days nor the darkness of nights guarantees their safe and secure existence.

Our negligence so far has allowed it soar to the peak.

It has eaten so deep into our society.

Lives have been and are being gruesomely taken, with some lives ludicrously shattered.

Great dreams have been and are being cut short, with some irredeemably distorted.

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Families have been and are being rendered bereft.

Lots of damages have been and are being done to our ladies and hence our future being endangered.

It is indisputably impossible to refix all the damages, but we can still right some wrongs by standing up to our divine responsibilities with utmost alacrity.

Sexual consent is a right they divinely deserve.

Taking it away from them interprets to taking natural glory away from our generation and that of posterity.

With a bitter and aggrieved heart, the entirety of National Association of University Students, Osun Axis, wail out to all individuals, public icons, political authorities, security agencies, governmental & non-governmental bodies, parents, colleagues, and whosoever feels sincerely concerned for better and totally rape free society for the female genders.

We plead with everyone to please stand up and relentlessly fight for our daughters, sisters, colleagues, friends, and mothers with all possible might for the return of their sexual liberty.

It is their right and our duty.

We are hereby using this medium to declare it as an emergency to start laying all necessary foundations towards imposing “NO RAPE” orientation on every individual.

No consent means RAPE.

No excuse, absolutely no excuse whatsoever JUSTIFIES RAPE.

They deserve our respect, let’s give it to them.



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