[INTERVIEW] Meet The Guy Who Proposed To His Longtime Girlfriend In Front Of Moremi Hall, OAU

While some folks were facing the heat of exam on OAU Campus, some were getting proposed to in the most dramatic manner ever.


This was the case of Pharmacist Duyilemi Oluwatosin Mary Hope who was ecstatic and astonished when her boyfriend of over five years, Mr. Aimienoho Adedayo Omobude proposed to her through a funny scenario. The whole drama happened at the front of Moremi Hall, OAU on Friday, 25th August, 2018.


OJB had an brief chat with Mr. Aimienoho Adedayo Omobude (the groomsman to be) and he shared details about their relationship, how the whole dramatic proposal was planned and all.




OJB: Let’s meet you, sir?


AAO: I’m Aimienoho Adedayo Omobude,

CEO, Soar Group and Founder, Naijaflights Initiative. My bride’s name is Pharmacist. Duyilemi Oluwatosin Mary Hope.

OJB: Tell us a bit about yourself and your relationship with Duyilemi Oluwatosin Mary Hope ?


AAO: We both graduated about 2 years ago (at the same time) from OAU and we’ve been together for about 5 years actually. We started dating while we were in 300 Level. I graduated from Agricultural Economics while she finished from Pharmacy.


OJB: How was the proposal planned?


It was planned by some of my friends. I told them about the concept and they came on board to ensure it was a success.


She’s not based in osun state and I run my clothing brand business (SOAR Couture) here in New, Market, OAU, Ile-Ife to be precise.


She was supposed to come visit me on campus. We got some persons to act as security agents. We got a patrol vehicle too.


Prior to then, I told her that we were going to a friend’s business launch on that day and we were gonna grace the occasion together so that’s was where she thought we were going for.


I went to pick her at PG Hall (where she stayed) that fateful day and while we were leaving PG Hall, I told her I wanted to get to thrill house to get some papers for the friend who was launching her business.


So, I diverted into Moremi Hall from PG Hall and I met the security agents who were already waiting for me.

Going by the directives of the proposal director in person of Ajakaye Tosin, The whole drama started when the security agents approached me and accused me of over speeding while driving into campus before I went to pick her.


I claimed I didn’t go beyond the maximum speed limit on campus and after arguing for a while, the security agents resorted to arresting me.


She always wants to protect me at all times. She was very afraid at that point and was trying to plead with the security agents.

Already emotional, as the security agemts were lewding me into their oatrol vehicle, I whispered into her ears that the whole scene was made up. The security agents, some people in the crowd were all acting.


Some people in the crowd even thought it was a real scene. Some campus union guys were even trying to protect me thinking it was all real.


I told her it was fake and She didn’t believe it initially till I went on my knees to propose to her.

Then, I began to show her the hidden cameras and the person in charge of video recording. We had two professional photographers on set – Yomi Kings (Lagos) and Sam Ofia (Osun). That was how it all went.

OJB: Any other thing you’d like the public to know?


AAO: Most times, there are issues with campus ladies not wanting to date guys of the same class / age with the mentality that when He graduates and then he proposes, they can’t date that kind of person because he’s not yet rich.

Our own mentality was different. We started dating while we were in 300 Level like I said earlier. We were colleagues and we grew together. She knew about my first 5,000$, my first car, landed properties and everything – We practally made them happen together!


Basically, I want the public to know that they shouldn’t be looking for Davido that has all the assurances to give to you. Be ready to build a future with anybody you chose to LOVE.

Thank you!

OJB: Your story is truly inspiring, I must confess. Thanks for the time, Mr Adedayo Omobude Aimienoho. We wish you more fortune(s) in all your endeavours and we hope you’d send our IV when it’s time for the final showdown.☺☺


AAO: 😄 Thank you!

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