MC Gabbi

[INTERVIEW] I See Myself Hosting The BETs & Grammys Hopefully In 5 Years – MC Gabbi

MC Gabbi (real name Omokowajo Gabriel) is a born-and-bred in lagos event & red carpet host, OAP, HypeMan (Official Aqueous Lounge Hypeman) and an undergraduate student at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife.

OJB Celebrity Gist with MC Gabbi

OAU JUICE: Can we meet you? Tell us extensively about yourself and what you do?

Mc Gabbi: My names are Omokowajo Gabriel popularly known as MC GABBI. I was born in Lagos some years ago. Grew up in mile 12, in a family of 5. I host events and red carpet. I used to work for the then (great 94.5fm) and I’m the current official hype man for Aqueous Lounge in Ife.

MC Gabbi

OAU JUICE: Wow. Fantastic! Tell us, how did emceeing and event hosting began for you? How did you get into it?

Mc Gabbi: Hmm…my story is quite a funny one. I’m not gonna say emceeing chose me like other event hosts. Neither did I.  I’ll just call it faith. There was an event, the emcee came late, I started the event and that was it.

OAU JUICE: Quite Inspiring. So how profitable has it been for you since you got started?

Mc Gabbi: Well it has been the love of what I do that has got me going!

OAU JUICE: Nice. Any challenges or struggles you encounter you might wanna share?

Mc Gabbi: Hmmmm…. I’ll say have been lucky!

OAU JUICE: What’s the biggest brand you’ve ever worked with?

Mc Gabbi: Sterling bank. tho not done much now but there’s a lot of underground work going on

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MC Gabbi

OAU JUICE: Your relationship status?

Mc Gabbi: Single…🤫

OAU JUICE: What’s your addiction?

Mc Gabbi: Haaaa…fanta

OAU JUICE: Which MC/Event Host do you admire most on OAU Campus?

Mc Gabbi: Mc Reo, have learnt a lot of things from him, like mastering the craft, believing God and working hard.

OAU JUICE: Where do you visualize yourself in the next 5 years?

Mc Gabbi: Hosting the BETs or hopefully the Grammys

OAU JUICE: Most Memorable moments as an event host?

Mc Gabbi: When I hosted an event in Eko hotels. It was a fashion show

OAU JUICE: Most embarrassing moments on the job? Any?

Mc Gabbi: One time that someone dissed me online. She thought I was the one that hosted the event because it was my name that was on the poster but I couldn’t make it due to some logistics issues but we God where able to curb it before it went viral

OAU JUICE: Which MC / Event Host do you respect and look up to more on the national scene in the industry?

Mc Gabbi: Ayo Makun

OAU JUICE: If you could date a celebrity, who would it be and why?

Mc Gabbi: Hmmmm….tough one oh,  toolz she’s got the body of a goddess

OAU JUICE: What’s your best song of the moment?

Mc Gabbi: Aiye by Barry jhay

OAU JUICE: If you’re not an MC/Event Host, what would you be doing currently?

Mc Gabbi: A banker

OAU JUICE: Alright thanks. Any awards or achievements yet?

Mc Gabbi: Non for now tho….but gotten a lot of nominations

OAU JUICE: If you could be an animal, which one will you be?

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Mc Gabbi: You will be an animal interviewer

OAU JUICE: Lol! Your final word to every oau student out there.

Mc Gabbi: My final word is wise up! Life is not a bed of roses

OAU JUICE: Social Media handles?

Mc Gabbi: @mcgabbi_ everywhere



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