[INTERVIEW] I’ve Always had Strong Passion for Modelling ever since I was 10 – Kidboss

Olaobaju Ayomitunde popularly and Socially known as Kidboss or Kiddie is a Final year student of the Department of English, Obafemi Awolowo University. A Model, Online PR, Fashion Enthusiast and a Social Sophisticate.

OJB: Welcome bro. Tell us about yourself and educational background?

Kidboss: I’m Olaobaju Ayomitunde. Popularly and Socially known as Kidboss or Kiddie.

A Final year student of the Department of English, Obafemi Awolowo University. A Model, Online PR, Fashion Enthusiast and a Social Sophisticate.

I had my nursery and primary school education at Ecclessia Mission School, Ibadan.

Secondary School education at Yinbol College International, Ibadan.


OJB: How was life growing up?


Kidboss: Exciting and Fun. Grew up in Ibadan and Kaduna with Two younger brothers.


OJB: Seems you got quite a lot up your sleeves. How did you manage to combine all this together ?


Kidboss: With God. And the fact that I don’t do those stuffs just for leisure, It’s my passion.


OJB: So you’re first of three kids? Where do you hail from?


Kidboss: Yeah. I hail from Osun state but I never grew up der.




Kidboss: It’s an Institution I have loved all my life since Childhood. My parents attended OAU too.


OJB: What do you love about English? Why did you chose to study it?


Kidboss: I never Chose english. I actually picked Law but i was given English.

Later Fell in 💙 with English in my Second year. I love Phonetics, Spoken English and Grammar.



OJB: Let’s talk about Kidboss – The Model & Fashion Enthusiast. How did modelling begin for you?

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Kidboss: Had strong passion since i was 10 years old. Buh I didn’t grow tall on time. Started fully when i was in my Second year.



OJB: Basically, tell us what modelling entails?

Kidboss: Modelling entails activities of all the  Model. Models are hired by companies to advertise their clothing or product via magazines, television, newspapers, catalogues, billboards, and online. Print models also participate in photo shoots, in which they pose for photographers and all.


OJB: What’s the most important thing a person must have to succeed as a model?


Kidboss: Consistency.


OJB: How many years have you been into modelling?


Kidboss: Some 3 years now.



OJB: Guess you’ve made a lot of money from the hustle ever since?


Kidboss: A lot? Not a lot. Buh then, Ain’t rushing. We almost getting der



OJB: Who do you look up to in the modelling world?


Kidboss: Really dun’ have. Buh then, would say I like Seun Logan’s works and our own Valentine.


OJB: What’s the biggest project you’ve worked on as a model?


Kidboss: Did a shoot for to cover their magazine frontpage


OJB: How was the public response towards your brand after the shoot?


Kidboss: It was applauded.


OJB: Embarrassing moments as a model?


Kidboss: I doubt if there is any. Always fun!


OJB: What’s your greatest addiction?



Kidboss: Fashion. M a fashion Addict


OJB: What fashion accessory do you value the most?


Kidboss: Shoes/Sneakers.


OJB: Relationship status?


Kidboss: Married⚡



OJB: To ?



Kidboss: Fashion and Style⚡

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OJB: Who do you look up to in the OAU Fashion & Modelling Circle?


Kidboss: Jislof for Fashion, Valentine for Modeling


OJB: What’s your most priced fashion possession ?


Kidboss: My Sneakers



OJB: What’s your duty as an online PR ?



Kidboss: My duty? As a PR, I’m responsible for handling all aspects of planned publicity campaigns and PR activities. Other tasks include: planning publicity strategies and campaigns. writing and producing presentations and press releases. Events planners hire a public relations agency when they want to protect, enhance or build their reputations through the media.


OJB: Brands you’ve worked with as a model/Online PR ?


Kidboss: Kinda lost count for Modelling. Buh I can remember SIJ Culture, Tsr apparel, African fabrics, Houseofstyle, Bessowens, Minie kut, kemiraldesigns, qty craft, Shades Factory and a host of others


OJB: What do you need now the most to boost your career ?


Kidboss: Money. Need to buy a lot of fashion items


OJB: Greatest day of your life ?


Kidboss: My 10th year birthday party


OJB: Awards and Achievements ?


Kidboss: ✅Winner, Most Sophisticated Male, Part2

✅Winner, Most Popular Male, Nasels Oau

✅Winner, Student Celebrity of the year, Nasels Oau

✅Winner, Best Online Media Personality, OAU 2017

Winner, Student Male Model of the year, OAU 2018


OJB: Any upcoming projects you wanna talk about ?




OJB: What else are you passionate about ?

Kidboss: Dancing.


OJB: Where do you envision yourself in the next 5 years ?


Kidboss: A Successful Model and Fashion Stylist and a CEO of an established Worldwide Clothing brand.

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OJB: Do you ever regret attending OAU?


Kidboss: No. It’s an Institution I have loved since Childhood


OJB: Most memorable moments on campus?


Kidboss: Night out with my friends

OAU Awards

FIA Dinner


OJB: One thing about OAU you’d miss once you graduate ?


Kidboss: My Everyday supporter and Lover💙


OJB: 100k or a night with her. Pick one?



Kidboss: 100K 💯


OJB: Social media details ?


Kidboss: Instagram: Personal Account – @kidboss_king

Business Account – @theplug_nation


OJB: About your new clothing brand, how long have you been nursing the dream of owning a clothing brand? Would you tell us a bit about it ?

Kidboss: Been a While now. Since I was in Part 2. Buh I believe there is a time for everything. And now is the time for PLUG to penetrate into the world.

Our Merchandise would be out soon. Also, it won’t be clothing alone. We would be making handmade footwears and Boots too.


OJB: Final words to your fans and every OAU student reading this ?


Kidboss: I prefer to call my supporter Fam as Family rather than Fans. I love to tell everyone out there supporting my crafts. I really appreciate you all. I won’t stop making you all proud⚡



OJB: Alright, OAU JUICE BLOG wishes you Best of luck in all endeavours!



Kidboss: Thanks Fam.

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