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Peter Trailblazer: I Started Comical Acting & Online Comedy In OAU

Meet Peter Trailblazer

Peter Adeleke popularly called Peter Trailblazer is a mainstream Nigerian comedian, actor, and on-air personality. He is best known for his social media comedy videos in the role of a Corporate Mad Man. He is known for creating spontaneous and organic videos that reflect visual realities. Peter Trailblazer was born in Lagos, Nigeria on January 23rd, 1993, but hails from Ibadan, Oyo state.

Tell us a little about your educational background?

After writing Jamb for two years, I enrolled in the OAU Pre-degree program and I gained admission at 17 years old to study Microbiology. I went to Obafemi Awolowo University because it is Africa’s most beautiful campus. Yes, it is the most beautiful campus in Africa due to the magnificent structures and architectural design.

How did you find yourself making skits and what’s the journey been like?

I started making skits on campus. OAU is a school that promotes Arts and Culture. That is why the motto of the school is for learning and culture; a culture that instills discipline and learning in you which brings out the creativity in you. A citadel of learning, where people don’t care about how expensive you are, but what you’ve got upstairs.

As an Awoite, my stay in Awolowo hall was the trigger for me. It was so memorable because we had what we call ‘Aro‘ from the craziest and funniest guys at Obafemi Awolowo University. ‘Aro‘ is an OAU slang that involves using sarcasm to make jest of someone just to create a joke around them and create a lively atmosphere. I met a lot of crazy and creative minds, and we enjoyed every bit of the moment. And that ignited the craze and passion in me to date. So I began with a funny Life Partner series that went viral on campus. I partnered with Forks and Fingers (F and F), a popular restaurant in the school located around the students’ union building to showcase my skits on their digital board daily.

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What’s your biggest source of motivation to keep going and doing what you do?

I have always seen myself as someone who inspires people while passing messages to them via comic acting. I just love to create organic and spontaneous videos in shorter versions. My motivation is innate. It brings fulfillment to me when I inspire people through comic acting. I see entertainment as a voice that can bring relaxation and comfort to people because we are in a time where there is a lot of mental depression, financial recession, and insecurity in the country. And my content has helped ease depression and suicidal thoughts and has also made people merrier. The desire to be on the big screens has also been my source of resilience and consistency. The key for me has been not to lose focus on my ultimate goal.

How do you get inspired with ideas for your skits?

peter trailblazer
Peter Trailblazer

The inspiration of the Almighty has been my source. I realized that social media skits are engaging and easier to use in passing messages across to a wide audience. Most of the time, I am inspired by trends and relatable happenings in the country. I have a storybook where I write every creative idea that comes to mind. I also get insight from my team when they bolster the concept. I try as much as possible to make my content relatable, shareable, and humorous by using satire and sarcasm to depict scenarios.

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Who do you look up to in the online comedy industry?

I like Lasisi Elenu. He has a creative approach to his style.

Best skit you’ve ever made?

I have done several skits but the most memorable one that brought me to the limelight was the Corporate Mad Man series in December 2020 when I made the first proposal skit on Instagram. This skit was reposted by Naira Marley. It made more than an impression. It created a strong memory in the public eye. People almost assumed I was genuinely mad. However, I think people should keep watching out for something new and different from me as I always love to explore new things.

Tell us about your previous collaborations and the skit maker you’ll love to collaborate with next?

There is something I strongly believe in which is teamwork and that is why I ensure I have good relationships with like-minded people. I believe that actors must develop relationships within the network to provide more opportunities to advance their careers. I have worked with Lolo Adaku of Jennifer’s diary, Woli Arole, Mad Johny, as well as MC Lively. Currently, the person my followers are mentioning is Taaooma. And I have reached out to her but no reply yet. My fans have always anticipated and reached out to me to collaborate with Taaooma. However, I will also love to collaborate with Zicsaloma and Sydneytalker.

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What particular challenges do you face as an online comedian and skit maker?

Everyone wants to put content out there. So it’s kind of competitive now. Skit-making is also capital intensive; you have to use the right props and resources to make it real. The challenges I face from what I do gives me hope that nothing good comes easy. Brands need to come into the comedy skits industry and see what we are doing here. I don’t even think musicians do a lot of shows as we do. Even when they do their shows we must be involved. So, brands need to look into our works to help boost the industry.

What would you be found doing if you’re not an online comedian and skit maker?

I will probably be a motivational speaker, a pastor, or a lecturer if I was not a comedy skit maker.

The most embarrassing moment you’ve encountered during your journey as a skit maker?

Honestly, I don’t have any. Skit-making has been fun for me.

Future plans and goals?

I have a goal of being amongst the top 10 influential creators in Nigeria delivering top-notch entertainment. I also would be known for hosting top reality shows and events.

Final Word to your fans out there?

I appreciate them so much. Without them, I wouldn’t be here today. They should keep supporting me.

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