[INTERVIEW] ‘Winning the Clorets King of Bars, OAU Contest was Massive for Me’ – JTunez (Lyrical Professor)


Hello there, we had a chat with the lyrical professor himself, a rap artiste, OAU student and Clorets Nigeria crowned King of Bars, OAU who goes by the name JTunez.

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OAU JUICE: So who is JTunez? Let’s get to meet you properly

JTunez: Ok Jtunez is a very versatile artiste That does different styles of music hip hop,Trap,Afro Name it…

OAU JUICE: Tell us your full name, department and current level ?

JTunez: My full name is Olamide Ajibola Pelumi. I’m currently studying Economics in Part 2.

OAU JUICE: What sparked your interest in doing music?

JTunez: Hmmm. My love for music actually sparked my interest in making music since I could recall about my life everyone in my house literally loves to listen music 24/7. Back then in my secondary, I knew virtually the lyrics to all the songs made by popular artistes. Some of my mates thought I knew every song in the world😂. They will say “If only you knew ur book like this you will collect all the prizes”. Even in part 1, my roommates were amazed by my knowledge of musical lyrics.

OAU JUICE: Wow! Tell us a bit about your background (educational and family).

JTunez: Okay. I grew up in Ife. I attended Obafemi Awolowo University International School (OAUIS). I have four brothers of which one is about to officially become a music producer and 2 are also musical artistes.

OAU JUICE: Interesting! So, it’s safe to say, music runs in the blood. Tell us, How has been your parents reaction towards your passion for music?

JTunez: It runs in the blood oh. My mum is a deaconess, a very spiritual type of woman so she wants my music to have less worldly content like yansh and stuffs, you grab. My mum also doesn’t want music to disturb my schooling. My Dad has a strong feeling that I will blow. He even tries to get link ups for me but my papa Dey feel me die ❤😂

OAU JUICE: How did you come about the name ‘JTunez’?

JTunez: Omo Dah name😂, We find am niooo I was popularly known in my secondary school as “Tunechi” (That lil Wayne nickname) but as at that moment, I had not made up my mind to become a music artiste. I wanted to become a footballer.

I also rap for fun but everyone in my school kept saying I will blow. So later when I realized that football was not my way, I decided to make music but I was bothered by the fact that Lill Wayne is Tunechi and I bin no wan blow make pesin kon Dey sue me for copyright.

NASO we sha Edit the name. We got the Tunez from Tunechi while the J is from jibola, my name.

OAU JUICE: Interesting. Talking about your craft, how many songs have you dropped so far?

JTunez: I have actually dropped 3tracks. 1:Titled Where, 2:Titled Adanma, 3: Bars on check(cypher) Featuring two of OAU’s finest rappers Sweezy and Sirmpee

OAU JUICE: Which of them was the best and went the farthest?

JTunez: Bars on check (Cypher)

OAU JUICE: Your thoughts about rap music on OAU campus?

JTunez: I think rappers are actually very appreciated on OAU campus. I think there are a lot of better rappers than me that are very shy to show their true colors. But no be who sabi pass dey blow pass, na God dey blow pesin.

OAU JUICE: What are you addicted to?

JTunez: Music and formally Garri😂

OAU JUICE: Mad o😂 Garri is your favourite food?

JTunez: I don’t think I have one I just like better chow but there was a time in my life when I just like to dey chop garri. No be say e sweet oh but even after I chop rice finish I go chop garri after any meal name it😂😂😂

OAU JUICE: Your favorite OAU Musical Artiste(s) ?

JTunez: I like Babzaddy,Sweezy,Virus da viper,Genesis,Teeblaize, Samzyquan….won por

OAU JUICE: Which of them do you vibe with the most ?

JTunez: Sweezy

OAU JUICE: Where do you mostly get inspiration for your songs ?

JTunez: I derive my inspiration from anyone I am feeling at that moment.

OAU JUICE: Let’s talk about the Clorets King of Bars contest, how did you feel winning the competition?

JTunez: I feel honoured, blessed and appreciated.

OAU JUICE: Did you think you were gonna win from the start, sincerely?

JTunez: Yes. Actually, I did not see any reason why I wasn’t going to enter top 3. I felt I was good enough to at least reach the top 3.

OAU JUICE: How’s the increased attention towards you after winning?

JTunez: It has been massive. Everywhere I dey hear lyrical professor, I go just dey happy😁.

OAU JUICE: Single or Dating?

JTunez: Single

OAU JUICE: Crushing on anyone?

JTunez: Yh actually

OAU JUICE: Care to share with us?

JTunez: Nahhh, she is not a public figure😂

OAU JUICE: If not music, what else would you be doing?

JTunez: Reading my books and playing football

OAU JUICE: If you could date any Nigerian celebrity, who would it be and why?

JTunez: Dj cuppy😁

OAU JUICE: Which Nigerian artiste would you like to collaborate with?


OAU JUICE: Share your most memorable stage performance and your most embarrassing one?

JTunez: Clorets King of Bars Contest. I don’t think I have an embarrassing one yet.

OAU JUICE: What song are you feeling the most currently?

JTunez: Joeboy :Baby🚀

OAU JUICE: 1 million naira or 1 million Instagram followers. Pick 1?

JTunez: 1million IG followers

OAU JUICE: What do you love about OAU the most?

JTunez: The peaceful environment

OAU JUICE: If not OAU, where?

JTunez: Unilag nio

OAU JUICE: Signed to any record label currently?

JTunez: No actually

OAU JUICE: What record label would love to get signed to?

JTunez: Any label ready to push me and my music far.

OAU JUICE: Any major Awards and Nominations?

JTunez: Yh. Got nominated for OAU
Most Promising Artiste.

OAU JUICE: Where do you visualize yourself in let’s say, 5 years?

JTunez: I see myself as an A list Musical Artist in 5yrs

OAU JUICE: What musical projects are you working on currently?

JTunez: I just want to drop more attractive videos on my IG. I am trying to build my fan base.

OAU JUICE: Social media handles?

JTunez: Instagram: @jtunez_ & Twitter: @jtunezofficial

OAU JUICE: Any major shout outs or Wanna specially hail or thank anyone or any of your nigga(s) ?

JTunez: I want to thank everyone that has been supporting my music from day 1

OAU JUICE: Any other thing you’d like to talk about?

JTunez: Am all good

OAU JUICE: Alright. That would be all from my end.

JTunez: Alright Thank you❤🚀

OAU JUICE: We all at OAU JUICE say thank you and also extend our best wishes in your career and future aspirations. ✌🏾

JTunez: Amen and thank you ❤


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