[INTERVIEW] A Lot of OAU Musical Artistes Are Wack As F*ck – FR3SH3DOH

Yo, it’s yet another thrilling episode of our Exclusive Interviews and today we have in the building, a rap artiste who has been in the game for more than 5 years, student of Obafemi Awolowo University and goes by the name FR3SH3DOH. Let’s get started!

OJB: Can we meet you?

FR3SH3DOH: My name is Opeyemi Fasuyi aka FR3SH3DOH, Part 2 Fine & Applied Arts from OAU. I’m a rapper/trapper

OJB: How did the name FR3SH3DOH come about?

FR3SH3DOH: It’s nothing special really. One day, i was rapping in Secondary School back then my stage name was Ofresh and one of my guys started whining me and was like, Fresh the president of rap…Presido…..FR3SH3DOH!

OJB: Oh lol…cool. So, how long have you been in the game?

FR3SH3DOH: Since my junior school days

OJB: How many years?

FR3SH3DOH: For like 5 years now

OJB: So what can you say about your career growth over this 5 year span?

FR3SH3DOH: It’s improved over the years.

OJB: Okay cool… How many songs have you dropped so far?

FR3SH3DOH: 5 tracks.

OJB: Can you make a run down of them

FR3SH3DOH: Sure.
1)Miss You
3)Fine Girl
4)Aje (Cover)

OJB: So which of these tracks received the highest accolades and airwaves?

FR3SH3DOH: Sauce

OJB: What’s so special about the song, Sauce ? Tell us about it

FR3SH3DOH: Well nothing much. I spent a few months writing the first half and freestyled the rest in the studio. It’s my first Trap vibe out of many more to come and people really love the chorus cause it’s really catchy.

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OJB: So, it’s your favorite personal track so far?


OJB: Who produced the track?

FR3SH3DOH: Solomon Jerry

OJB: Who’s your musical role model (Nigerian & Globally)?

FR3SH3DOH: On the local scene right now it’s MI Abaga, Blaq Bonez, Psycho Yp Dremo & Tega dyyke. Globally, it’s Roddy Rich, XXXTENTACION, Ski Mask The Slump God, Fetty Wap, J Cole & 21 Savage. I actually listen to a lot of artistes so I don’t have any favorites in particular.

OJB: Who’s your best artist in Nigeria ?

FR3SH3DOH: I don’t have one, Yet


OJB: Okay, your favorite rap track of all time?

FR3SH3DOH: Denied remix by BlaqBonez ft Dremo & Psycho YP. My favourite songs change with time

OJB: Are you in a relationship?

FR3SH3DOH: At the moment, no.

OJB: Why?

FR3SH3DOH: Fish never enter my net 🐠

OJB: Any celebrity crush?

FR3SH3DOH: Rita Ora

OJB: Why did you choose OAU ?

FR3SH3DOH: The school is pretty cool

OJB: What can you say about the musical industry in OAU?

FR3SH3DOH: Only very few have talent the rest are wack AF

OJB: That’s a bold statement there.
What’s the reason for saying that?

FR3SH3DOH: Only few artistes show originality while the rest are just copying each other.

OJB: Who’s your best OAU musical artiste?

FR3SH3DOH: Just 3. Myself, Tega Dyyke & Mustang.

OJB: Your best track by an OAU musical artiste?

FR3SH3DOH: Tega Dyyke – Catfished

OJB: Any features so far?

FR3SH3DOH: This year, I got 4 so far with 4 different artistes. Tega Dyyke, Mustang, Lasko_Blark & Leemzy.

OJB: You’ve got a lot of fondness for Tega Dyyke. How did y’all meet and get so close?

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FR3SH3DOH: I admire the dude. Well i didn’t know who he was until i entered OAU and i admire him because his sound is much different from what I’ve been hearing from most OAU artistes. We met at Solomon Jerry’s studio where most musical artistes meet in Ife. He got me my first performance of last semester.

OJB: What was your first ever performance?

FR3SH3DOH: That was in church i was rapping for the choir

OJB: Gospel rap? How was it?

FR3SH3DOH: Yeah, It was Awesome. I got a lot of attention from the babes 😈

OJB: What’s your most memorable performance on stage?

FR3SH3DOH: It hasn’t come yet


OJB: And your most embarrassing?

FR3SH3DOH: That was at pit theatre during the Casanova party. By the time i started, everyone was already tired so nobody vibed with me but i still continued 😁…Cause that kind of thing doesn’t affect me i still did normal πŸ˜…

OJB: What are your goals and aspirations this year for your musical career?

FR3SH3DOH: To push further

OJB: What projects are you working on currently?

FR3SH3DOH: I’m working’ on two EPs right now. Mine and a join EP with Mustang. It’s gonna be lit AF πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

OJB: When should we be expecting them?

FR3SH3DOH: The release date is currently undisclosed

OJB: If you could date any Nigerian celebrity, who would it be and why?

FR3SH3DOH: Seyi Shay. She got that SAUCE and damn it is hot 🌢πŸ”₯

OJB: Who’s more supportive of your musical career? Dad or Mum?



OJB: Your Final word to your fans and every OAU student out there?

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FR3SH3DOH: Do whatever you wanna do. Just don’t do pass yourself πŸπŸ‘½πŸ˜Ž….And remember the only person you’re competing with is yourself.

OJB: Social media profiles?

FR3SH3DOH: Instagram: @freshedoh
Twitter: @FR3SH3DOH

OJB: Any other things you’d like to talk about?

FR3SH3DOH: Can’t think of anything right now

OJB: That would be all from my end. Thanks for coming through. On behalf of the OAU JUICE TEAM, I wish you success in all your doings.

FR3SH3DOH: Ok bro. Thanks for the interview

OJB: You’re welcome!

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