Infinix Campus Ambassador Program 2019

Infinix Campus Ambassador Program 2019

About The Infinix Campus Ambassador Program 2019

Hi there, Do you use and love an Infinix mobile device? Do you know you could rep Infinix on your campus as a Student Ambassador in the Infinix Campus Ambassador Program 2019?

Is this something you’d love to be?

Would you love to represent and showcase Infinix on your campus?

Here is a great opportunity to be part of one of the coolest and dopest movement on campus.

As Infinix offers you this unique opportunity to xfans who are students of tertiary institutions in Nigeria to be part of our dynamic and forward thinking team!

Join up and connect with other xfans across Nigerian campuses and develop your creativity and leadership abilities among other young people on campus as Infinix provides you the platform to build your leadership capabilities and showcase your talents to the world.

Sounds great right!

Eligibility – Infinix Campus Ambassador Program 2019

The good news is this opportunity is open to all xfans by only ensuring you fall in the following category.

#1. Must be a registered, full-time undergraduate student of any tertiary institution in Nigeria.

#2. Be registered and active on Xclub.

#3. Must be actively involved with student groups and influential within the campus community.

#4. Must have established social media presence with demonstrable followership.

Student Ambassador Responsibilities – Infinix Campus Ambassador Program 2019

#1. Represent the Infinix brand on campus

#2. Play an active part in Infinix campus activities on campus

#3. Provide insights that will help Infinix better understand campus requirements unique to each region and also be part of Infinix elite team of frontliners on campus.

#4. Get to participate in fans meetings, online and offline activities including our Brand Ambassador.

#5. Be part of Planning and hosting fun events on campus to amplify the Infinix brand.

#6. Build relationships on campus with the school authorities, faculty and student groups.

How to Apply? – Infinix Campus Ambassador Program 2019

To be part of this elite team of Infinix Campus Ambassadors is really easy.

All you need to do is:

#1: Click the link HERE to register.

#2 Fill in the form with your details.

#3: Successful applicants will be contacted.

Ensure you don’t miss out!!!

4 thoughts on “Infinix Campus Ambassador Program 2019”

  1. Avatar
    Kiganda Hussein

    That’s a good move, iam already a campus ambassador for INFINIX Xclub at the Islamic university in Uganda. follow our activities on Facebook,”INFINIX Campus Xclub” and on Xclub forum, ” kigandaHussein”

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