How To Graduate With First Class On OAU Campus

You’ve been nursing the dream of attending the greatest citadel of learning in Nigeria, Obafemi Awolowo University. Luckily for you, your dream came through and you were granted admission into OAU.

Congratulations! You’ve started a journey. Now the next question on your mind is how to graduate with first class on OAU campus.

Now you’re thinking of how you can make your parents proud by graduating with a first class degree as a child but you’re tensed because of the stories you’ve heard of how difficult making a first class is on OAU campus.

Fear not!

Maintaining a first class CGPA throughout your stay on OAU Campus might seem tasking and impossible considering the nature of the Nigerian educational system but it is actually possible.

In this post, I’m sharing no-brainer, important tips you need to follow in order to graduate as a first-class student in your desired course.

Read carefully!

  1. Attend EVERY Class, Practical and Tutorial.

To performing outstanding in your exams, you have to fully understand what the course is about. To understand your course well enough, you have to attends classes. Don’t be regularly – be there ALWAYS! Attend EVERY Class whether important or not. You will always learn something new in every class. Statistics has also shown that that students who attend classes do better that those who do not. Statistics has also proven that only 31% of first year students attend classes till the end of the semester. Strive to be part of those few. Classes could get boring at times but you just have to be there to thoroughly understand your topic. Most lecturer always drop a lot of important tips which would not be covered in the note during lectures. Some lecturers even drop exam questions during lectures. Asides that, most of your courses coordinators would allot certain marks to class attendance. So you have no reason not to be in class. Be consistent in class!

  1. Sit in the front and pay rapt attention Lecturer.
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Attending every class does not guarantee you thorough understanding of the coutrse topic. You can’t fully comprehend what your lecturer is saying when you’re sitting miles away from him. Even if he is using a loud megaphone, Try as much as possible to grab a seat at the front of the class where you can hear your lecturer properly and see everything he is writing on the board. How do you get a seat at the front in every class? By going to every class early enough. You’re having CHM101 at 1000SLT by 8am and you’re just waking up by 7:30am. Very wrong! You should be in class at least 30 minutes before the start of the class. If you know you will be late at all cost, you can tell your friend who is going earlier to reserve a seat for you at the front. Try as much as you can to prevent any form of distraction in class. Switch off your phone, stay away from unserious friends who talk a lot and participate actively in class discussions.

  1. Be focused, determined and organized.

To be successful in life, you need a great deal of focus and determination. In the words of … you can try this hack for sustainable motivation. On the first day of resumption, take a sheet of paper, write down all your courses for that particular semester and your desired grade close to it. Glue the paper probably on the wall of your room where you can see it every morning. This would serve as a constant reminder to be focused, determined thereby spuring you to do more and achieve more!

  1. Time Management and Organization is Key.
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The importance of Effective time management cannot be overemphasized in maintaining a first-class degree till graduation. Everyone has 24 hours. Use your time wisely and be productive. Maximize every little time you have. If you’re more socially/religiously inclined, try as much as possible to be moderate in your activeness in social and religious activites. Its not every party you get invited to that you’ll attend. Devote quality time to you studying your academic books every day. Do not place anything above your academics because that’s what brought you to OAU. Organization is also very important. Being organized is a unique and regular trait of First class students. University activites can be very time demanding but when you schedule your activites and m,anage your time properly, you’re on nyour way to

  1. Study like

You must be diligent, hardworking and disciplined to succeed academically in OAU. You will encounter a lot of difficult courses and lecturers. Persevere and be resilent. Take your books like your life depends on it because it actually does. You cannot want to have a first class and be hanging around anglomoz every night wasting your precious time and life. No! you have to study because you have a dream to pursue. Nothing good come easy. You must be ready to pay the sacrifice of voracious study every night to succeed academically. Read ahead of the class if you can. It helps a lot. Practice past questions too. A lot of lecturers repeat questions they have set in previous exams..

  1. Watch the friends you keep.
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Show me your friends and I’ll tell you what you will graduate with. Your academic success depends on the kind of people you associate with. What kind of friends do you keep? No matter how badass your motivation is, there are lot of down-times where you’ll feel lazy and unserious and really need someone to come and kick you up your feet. This is where like-minded friends come in. Move with people who want to do same. Associate with hardworking and brilliant students who will inspire, motivate and influence you positively.

  1. Pray like your success depends on God alone!

Looks like I saved the best for last! In being successfully generally, God is the number one factor. You must cultivate a healthy relationship with your creator. Attend religious services regularly and pray.

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