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[INTERVIEW] Wizkid Inspired Me To Do Music. I Love His Style – Fresh Kiddy

FAMILUSI OLUWADAMILARE DAVID aka Fresh Kiddy is a 300L Fine Arts Student at Obafemi Awolowo University. He is a fast rising afro pop musical artist and campus celebrity.

Here is our interview on CELEBRITY TALK with FRESH KIDDY.

OAU JUICE: Can we meet you? Tell us extensively about yourself and what you do

Fresh Kiddy: My name is Familusi Oluwadamilare David popularly known as Fresh Kiddy. I’m an Afro-pop musical artist and a part three student of Obafemi Awolowo University studying Fine Art.

OAU JUICE: How did you come about the name fresh kiddy?

Fresh Kiddy: Actually a girl named me that. She said am kinda fresh and that a kiddy means a youngster. So she gave me the name.

OAU JUICE:  Wow. That’s nice. So, How did you get into music?

Fresh Kiddy: It was Wizkid who inspired me. Not cause he is WIZKID but because he does my style of music. That why I felt like since somebody started my style already, let me too come out.

OAU JUICE: Hmm. So you’re a big fan of Starboy Wizkid?

Fresh Kiddy: Yes for sure. I’m a big fan

OAU JUICE: How long have you been into music?

Fresh Kiddy: 3 years officially

OAU JUICE: Wow. That’s a pretty long time! So far, what are the struggles and challenges you’ve encountered?

Fresh Kiddy: A lot. Struggle to be known with my sound and striving to be at the Top. It isn’t easy

OAU JUICE: We’ll get there FAM. Talking money now, how profitable has music been?

Fresh Kiddy: We thank God. At least, little is entering. I make money from shows too

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OAU JUICE: Are you currently signed under any record label?

Fresh Kiddy: No, not yet. Just been careful not to sign anyhow deal

OAU JUICE: What record label do you look forward to getting signed to?

Fresh Kiddy: STARBOY I guess and other labels that can promote my sound. It’s all about a good platform

OAU JUICE: Single or in a relationship?

Fresh Kiddy: Lol, Its really complicated. Well, let me say single for now

OAU JUICE: Okay. If you could date any celebrity Nigerian musician, who would that be?

Fresh Kiddy: Regina Daniels

OAU JUICE: What’s your favourite food and eatery on campus?

Fresh Kiddy: Banwill is my favorite place and my best food is iyan and egusi

OAU JUICE: If not music, currently what would fresh kiddy be doing?

Fresh Kiddy: Wow that a big question! I will start farm business and a clothing line

OAU JUICE: List 5 musicians you’ll love to collaborate with in the nearest future

Fresh Kiddy: WIZKID, Davido, Yemi Alade, Burna boy and Reekado banks

OAU JUICE: What’s the weird thing that has happened to you while performing?

Fresh Kiddy: My trouser fell on stage but thank God I wore a leggings underneath.

OAU JUICE: Lmao. How was the reaction of the crowd to that?

Fresh Kiddy: They shouted but nothing freaks me. Half of the crowd were videoing tho and with that more flash showed up

OAU JUICE: Wow. That was one hell of a crazy moment for you. Quick one, Tell us your most memorable and embarrassing performance?

Fresh Kiddy: My embarrassing moment was when I was performing and the sound system went down and my fans were singing along without sound

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OAU JUICE: That should be a memorable one. Don’t you think so?

Fresh Kiddy: Yes I know. But wasn’t really happy with that sound been down

OAU JUICE: Quite exciting. Any embarrassing moment

Fresh Kiddy: Yes still the one of my trouser tho…

OAU JUICE: Your biggest musical inspiration?

Fresh Kiddy: Anytime am happy. Or with my earpiece

OAU JUICE: What’s your song of the moment?

Fresh Kiddy: A freestyle tho. Non-stop by Fresh Kiddy

OAU JUICE: OK. Tell us all the songs you’ve dropped

Fresh Kiddy: PUT IT DOWN, GBEKELE, BIG LOAD and NON STOP. That’s all for now. But more songs coming soon

OAU JUICE: What songs are you working on currently?

Fresh Kiddy: A lot of songs. Don’t know the actual one to drop

OAU JUICE: Biggest musical achievement or awards?

Fresh Kiddy: We look up to God on that.

OAU JUICE: Ok. Where do you visualize yourself in the next 5 years?

Fresh Kiddy: I see myself growing up and being part of the top ten artist in Nigeria. With the favour of God

OAU JUICE: Which OAU past or present musical artiste do you look up a lot?

Fresh Kiddy: Asake Medoo and Virus Zamora

OAU JUICE: If not OAU, Where?

Fresh Kiddy: Unilag

OAU JUICE: If you could be an animal, which one will you be?

Fresh Kiddy: If I will be an animal love to be a Lion, King of all animals

OAUJUICE: Your final word to every OAU student out there.

Fresh Kiddy: My word to every OAU student is that keep believing in yourself. Cause you don’t know what comes out of what you do best

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OAUJUICE: Social Media ?

Fresh Kiddy: Instagram @iam_freshkiddy, Twitter @iam_freshkiddy

OAUJUICE:  Alright. Mr. Fresh Kiddy. It was awesome chatting with you. We @oaujuice wish you all the best in your endeavours, musically. We wanna see more of you. We wanna see you hit our tv screens as the new musical sensation. We wanna see you go on tour with the biggest artistes in the world. We wanna see you bring home the grammy. Please make that happen soon.

Big ups FAM!

Fresh Kiddy: I’ll never let you guys down, I promise. God bless

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