Brymo Cheated Us – Akintola Hall (OAU) Executives Cry Out



On August 11, a newcomer opportunistic body branded the Nigeria University Merit Awards will roll out the red carpet for people they want us to believe deserve accolades, particularly the musician Brymo. OK. The only problem?


The awards are neither MERITED nor is the carpet truly red. The carpet is only painted red with the sweat and blood of people who were sidelined and stabbed at the back by the greedy organisers of this show of shame.


About 3 months ago, the newly inaugurated, vibrant hall executives of the Akintola Hall, OAU decided to raise funds to renovate the hall’s reading room to improve their occupants’ welfare and academics.


After much deliberations and consultations with several people both in the upper echelon of the school and with other halls’ executive, they decided to host a musical show that the proceeds will go into the honourable and noble project of improving the reading conditions of the hall.


While others were more inclined to inviting more trendy artists, the Akintola Hall executives were more interested in someone with more cerebral musics and being a fan of Brymo, they insisted on inviting him and his band exclusively over for a concert, despite several dissenting voices that Brymo may not pull much crowd.


They gathered as much as 100 volunteers all of them very active in promoting the concert. They approached several sponsors of which few responded due to what they felt was Brymo’s poor crowd-pulling abilities. But the excos and their team were undeterred. They held several meetings and supported all efforts to make the show a success. Selling Brymo to the populace was sometimes like hitting a brick wall, but with perseverance and dedication, everyone heard of Brymo’s intending show and were anticipating it. Alas, their belief in Brymo was never rewarded!

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Soon, the organisers noticed a problem, the date picked July 6 for the show, a Friday night, was followed by a Saturday with several departments in the school having tests the very next morning. This made people doubt whether they would be around for the show as it was an overnight event. This was communicated with the management of Brymo’s band and the volunteers made a passionate video to Brymo to still come and perform even if to a half-filled Amphitheater. What they optimistically saw as half filled was seen as half empty by Brymo’s management and they insisted on getting a substantial chunk (more than 3/4) of their pay otherwise Brymo will not come on stage to perform.


The organisers recieved a call a night before by a Larrysam, who said he was an organiser of NUMA and will like to collaborate with them on merging the concert with their awards event. They requested the show be postponed and the organisers in good faith carried Brymo’s management along with this.


On the night before the show, the organisers recieved a boost in sponsorship and decided to go along with the show but Brymo’s management said they were missing a band member and could not perform without him. This made the organisers decided to go with the NUMA people’s suggestions.


Everything was being negotiated in good faith on the path of the Brymo volunteers until we started hearing from the grapevine that both Brymo’s management and the NUMA organisers were scheming behind the back to sideline the Akintola Hall excos. They had put calls through to both parties and they allayed such fears only for their phones to be deluged with several calls and messages in the morning about BC’s flying around concerning Brymo coming for an award deviod of the concert. This was a big shocker and a betrayal of Judas proportions for all the Brymo fans and volunteers as several promised to never support Brymo again. The organisers had to start refunding all tickets, as Brymo’s management tweeted to people that they are no longer coming for the show.

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The problem is, Brymo’s management have refused to return the upfront of #200,000 despite not turning up for the concert. This money is borrowed money, and sponsors and lenders alike have been disturbing the Akintola Hall excos. This has put a big strain on them as they can’t properly prepare for test and exams.


So, to all those attending the NUMA award of shame, we encourage you not to be part of an accursed, bootlicking, money-hungry group. For Akintolites, the reason why you can’t leave a legacy reading room for present and future occupants are these people. We specially appeal to Prof. Remi Sonaiya  and Dele Momodu, whose name have been bandied around for this award to not only boycott (if they truly were attending) but to also publicly denounce and disassociate with this set of gloryhunters. We encourage them to support the better cause of helping Akintola Hall improve the reading conditions for the students living there. We shall then present an award worthy of an award, and God Almighty will reward you more! Amen.


We implore everyone to help pressurize the management of Brymo’s to return Akintola Hall money so they can use it for other worthwhile projects. Thanks.


Dami Oshin,

Former Brymo Fan,

OAU Student.

Please help rebc

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