Blood Will Flow on OAU Campus – Cult Leader Threatens

In the early hours of Monday, students of Obafemi Awolowo University were woken up to shock.

Sequel to the Credit Alert Party Cult Attack that got an OAU student stabbed,  a threat message believed to have been sent by the leader of the cult group that attacked has been circulating on WhatsApp.

The message reads;


So Zlatan was coming to Ife, Ko ya base wa. Son of the yellow soil did not came to bow to the soil.

We did not take it to heart. We did not ruin his show.

Information now got to me that the boys I sent to ensure that sanity is quality.

Awon omo ile that I sent to put everything in order and prepare to sina laye.

To expand the base. To settle the opodi akese si danu u egun.

You beat my boys. While they were in the body of blood.

You mutilated them. E tu Ko won sinu van, you took them to your security station.

Alaye yin ma baje ni.

Not to do long talk. The yellow viper will crawl over Obafemi Awolowo University
Blood will flow.

We will go from every hostel to every hostel.

We will wash your school with the sins of your people.

Motu gbo nipa Awon Man o War.

We will burn down your base and tie you to the pole.

June 1st. You can call the whole Nigeria army to defend your school.

Nothing go save this blood shed.

Never forget how you take helpless for 1999. Ta Awon omo okun dudu baye yin je.

For every of our people that you take. We go take 7.

Blood for blood.

The eyes that sees all.

NB: Although, the authenticity of this message hasn’t been 100% confirmed yet, we advise every Great Ife Student to tread cautiously.

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