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9 Kinds of Apps Every Student Must Have On Their Phones

Whether you use an Android device or are a part of the much-coveted Apple family, there are a lot of apps available to you on the dedicated app stores coming with both devices.  However, gone are the days when we used to have the time to browse through all the apps on these stores to come across the one we love.

As a student, you don’t have the luxury of such time anymore – but you don’t have to suffer not having the best apps because of that either.

If you are here today, how about we interest you in some of the best apps to get for your device?

Music Streaming

Being a student is challenging on its own – so you want something to take the stress off your back. For most people, that is music – and you should get a music streaming app that will bring you the best of any genre you are interested in.

iPhone users might not need to look farther than the Apple Music that ships with their phones. Users of Tecno devices will also find solace in the in-house Boomplay. Note that both of these apps can be downloaded from your app stores if you don’t have them on your unit.

Other options we can recommend include all of Spotify, Tidal, and AudioMack.

Video Streaming

Rather than having to download movies from third party websites, you could subscribe to a trusted vendor and stream your movies off them. Options like Netflix carry a huge catalog of movies, and they allow you to download them to the service for later watching too.

Netflix might also be the most common, but it is not the only video streaming service out there.

Of course, Netflix comes at a cost. A great way around that is to band up with your friends to share the monthly subscription, and you can all enjoy the benefits that come with the account at different times.

Health Management

Before we go any further, we should probably mention that the rate at which these apps will work is dependent on the kind of phone you are using – and the sensors that come with them.

We don’t need to tell you how important exercising is anymore, but you might not get enough time to work an exercise routine. What you do not know, though, is that activities as simple as walking could count as exercise. 

With health apps, you can also track your sleep cycle to ensure you are getting enough rest, monitor your calorie intake, record your water consumption and much more. 

All of these contribute to better overall health, which also translates to improved brain activity than if you were not taking good care of your body.

Class Utilities

Depending on your course of study, different utility apps will make your life much easier.

They will come in handy when you are studying, preparing for exams/ tests, working an assignment, etc. 

For example, engineering and science students will benefit so much from a graphing calculator. Students in Humanities and Languages-related departments will also stand to gain a lot from referencing apps (APA, MLA, Oxford, etc.) for better paper-writing. Speaking of writing, just about everyone who writes papers on a regular should get themselves Grammarly.

You must research certain apps that will boost your course of study and go for them.


 Of course, you are not in charge of the central bank’s money vault, neither are you directly responsible for managing grants to your institution. Why would you need security apps then?

Students are one of the most targeted demographic for hackers – and you could also be exposing yourself to more dangers than you know. To that effect, we recommend installing security apps on your devices to help keep you safe every time.

For one, you can get antivirus software to keep malicious files away from your unit. Considering the sheer amount of files you will be transferring – from textbooks and tutorials to assignments, as well as email attachments – you never know when malicious code is waiting to enter your phone. 

Now that OTG flash drives are also commonplace, you would need to be better protected against malware threats they could be holding.

If your school also offers free Wi-Fi networks, you might want to consider encrypting your networks with apps like VPNs, proxy extensions, etc. That way, you can be sure your data is well protected whenever you are connected to these networks.


Nothing will substitute taking notes with your pen and paper or with your laptop computer, but your phone could as well come in handy anyways. 

Apps like the Microsoft Word package are a top pick in times like this. If you are not going for something elaborate, consider what the likes of Color Note and Evernote bring to the table.

You are also free to explore the app stores to see which apps fit your style the better.


The best time to start planning your expenses right is from when you are a student.

For many people, this is the first time they will leave their homes to stay on their own. Thus, you are charged with taking care of your monthly expenses such that they fall into the range of allowance you are getting from home – and other side hustles you might have.

You might have heard that the outside world is scary, but it doesn’t have to be if you plan for it. While in school, make sure you track your expenses and income, knowing what is taking your money and what should be shaved off the board. Don’t forget to design a savings plan into your income too, and you are good to go.

Fortunately, many apps will help you make this happen. A personal favorite is the Spendee Daily Tracker, but there are tons of other options to consider.


We were never going to power through this list and not mention studying. After all, that’s why you are a student.

Now, what you are looking for in a studying app will be the major factor as to which one to get. There is also nothing stopping you from getting multiple options offering unique services.

Some of the studying apps we have come across will help you study better, using different techniques (one of those being the Pomodoro approach). Others help you develop flashcards for studying which can be highly effective for students in the arts and health sciences who have to study large volumes of notes.

There are other unique options to always explore for yourself.


And here we are.

All work and no play, right?

Even if you are not a heavy gamer, there are simple games you can get on the application stores. The importance of games is not always to have something else to invest your time in, but one you can while away your time on. With multiple categories to choose from, we believe you will find something you love.

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