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80 OAU Slangs You Should Know (And Their Meaning)

If you schooled in Obafemi Awolowo University OAU, you must have heard any of these Slangs.

1. Ogba Femi (Femi’s Compound) – OAU Campus.

2. Dobale (Prostrate) – A tradition that every artist must fulfill before performing on OAU Campus.

3. Risky Burger – Fried egg and Bread meal usually sold at night.

4. Academics – Lecture areas

5. Scabbash – To pray in Tongues at Sports Complex.

6. Prayo / Spirikoko – An extremely religious person.

7. Anglomoz – Love garden between two
freshmen hostels (Angola and Mozambique hall).

8. Blocking – The sight of a boy and girl

9. Aiye o po (Inadequate space) – Time is valuable and scarce.

10. Aro – An annoying tease done by occupants of Awolowo Hall.

11. Mi ole wa ku, Alaye longba BSc. (I can’t kill myself, only the living receives a Bsc Certificate) – Used after a frustrating effort in understanding a course after several hours of reading.

12. Forks (F and F) – A popular restaurant in school called forks and fingers located around the students’ union building.

13. Aluta Continua, Victoria Ascerta (As the Struggle continues, Victory is Certain) – Used by Students’ Union Officers after addressing students.

14. Ogun Malaria (Malaria drugs) – Any drug at all given by Health Center Pharmacists.

15. Omo Awo – Guys who tease for fun.

16. Faa aluta – To cause pandemonium that would result in school closure or strike.

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17. Town Gboro – Commuter bus conveying students from campus to off-campus environs.

18. Iwe – An highly intelligent person.

19. Brother, Sister Wa o – Welcome tease address for a male in a female hostel

20. Sister, Brother Wa o – Welcome Tease address for a female in a male hostel.

21. Mr. Moz – Frequent male visitor in
female hostels.

22. Moz101 – Act of wooing fresh female
students residing at Mozambique hall.

23. Maa goo – Be smart.

24. Won get mi – To fail a course.

25. Mo Ti Cast – To be exposed.

26. Gay Party – Party or Social Gathering with guys mostly present which is seen most times in Faculty of Technology.

27. Igi iwe, Eso odo – One who reads
excessively but fails always 😂😂

28. Jacking – Act of reading.

29. Jacko / Jackobian – One
who reads a lot.

30. Baba na u o – Sarcastic/Ironic appraisal.

31. OAU Choristers – Law students.

32. All the best – Ironic Sarcasm.

33. Fresher – Newly admitted student.

34. Town – Off-campus areas.

35. Scientific Maximum Shishi (SMS) – Punishment meted on offenders especially thieves by students.

36. Floor O – School’s detention room.

37. Porter – Hall Warden and Security men.

38. Jo o – An excuse or a sarcastic plea.

39. Laana – to fail a course woefully

40. Department of EFCC – Faculty of science (Named after the grades they give mostly: E F and C).

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41. White House – Department of Chemistry & Physics.

42.Yellow house – Department of

43. Omo mi (my child)– an acquaintance

44. Ose Igberaga (Period of pride) – Period when students still have much money on them, mostly during resumption.

45. Ife gbeyin – Period when money and students’ foodstuffs are finished, mostly during the exam period.

46. Quarters – Staff areas

47. Omi Omole – Tap water in the hall of residences.

48. Road 1 – The main road leading to the entrance of OAU campus.

49. Iwe factorial – Brilliant student

50. Spagewa – A meal of spaghetti and

51. Concoction – a hurriedly
prepared jollof rice lacking necessary ingredients.

52. No animal – a meal without fish or meat.

53. Alaaro – One who incessantly does Aro.

54. Kawe ju (over-read) – hyping
an unserious person.

55. Omo labi, iwe lari (We gave birth to a
child, but we saw a book) – Slang for an extremely brilliant student who reads too much.

56. Docki – Medical student.

57. Orijo – Material for cheating.

58. Won get mi (They got me) – To
fail a course.

59. Omo wa ni (our child) – A popular figure.

60. Hall – Student hostels.

61. Death center – School clinic.

62. Maintenance – Female student hostel located close to the gate.

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63. Kooro – Hidden or secluded places.

64. What’s the 411 – What’s the Plan, Used by the lady involved in the sex-for-mark scandal.

65. Ekaro, se ma foosho (good
morning, will you wash clothes?) – Dry cleaners cry to show they’re around.

66. E-problem – Schools Portal.

67. Omisore Oke, Eeyan wan salee oo (Omisore upstairs; Someone is downstairs o) – Usually said in Awo blocks to warn someone pouring water from upstairs that someone is downstairs.

69. Ajose parole – Night time out.

70. Indo Spag – Meal of spaghetti and

71. Oga – Male fellowship executive.

72. Mummy/Mama – Female fellowship executive.

73. Exco – Executive.

74. Parade – Take an offender around the school as punishment for an offense.

75. As e dey hot – Puff-puff & Risky seller located opposite alumni hall.

76. La cram, La pour, La pass, La graduate. – Slang used after a frustrating effort of trying to understand a course.

77. Efficiency – Someone who is too
unnecessarily involved in something

79. Corner – One’s portion of hostel room

80. Ise to ta lenu (peppery work) – Job well done

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  1. ‘F’ o da ma pa GP re lekun..’E’ o da ma fo GP re loju…’D’ o da ma ba GP re je…’C’ shi da sugbon ko boost GP…’B’ shi da sugbon o si le gba A….’A’ lo da sha ma gba A…………that’s the A-F grade song in Ogba-femi……

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