5 Things Every OAU Fresher Must Experience

Obafemi Awolowo University: the self-acclaimed most beautiful campus in Africa.

Almost everyone would agree that surviving as a student of OAU takes a certain amount of diligence, persistence, and doggedness.

Perhaps, this is because a handful of students gained admission into the prestigious institution after a minimum of two trials.

And at the same time, we can’t undermine the willpower it takes to complete years of study in Ogba Femi.

There are some things common to students and Alumni of Obafemi Awolowo University. This isn’t about the Aluta spirit; neither is it the rigidity with which we face life.

It’s the fact that at one point in our schooling career, we were once freshers.

As a Freshman, it’s only normal you experience some of the things listed below – if not all.

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Extortion From OAU Bike Men

OAU bike men! The Legend of OAU bike men and their shenanigans towards fresh students during the first week of resumption fills students’ minds.

Imagine a freshman who thinks he outsmarted a bike man by negotiating the price from a thousand naira down to six hundred naira.

But guess the location? From SUB to FAJ.

Being a freshman, you’re bound to be exploited by OAU bike men, and this is because, as new students, you are oblivious to the relatively low prices of transport fare inside the campus and environs.

Dear freshman, we all fell for their tricks the first week of resumption, so it’s not a ‘you’ thing.

It’s just something every new student must face, primarily if you’ve never heard the tales of Ogba Femi.

The Struggle With Campus Fellowships

This is peculiar to freshers who are lucky to be given hostels primarily reserved for part 1 students. By this, I mean Mozambique hall for the ladies and Angola hall for the gentleman.

One thing fresh students are oblivious to is that many people had been anticipating their coming. Right now, the reference is to campus fellowship people.

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From your first day on campus, you’ll meet them. Most of the campus fellowships m station their tents at Anglomoz and rent buses for the entire week to help transport their “new members” to their hall of residence.

At first, they seem like lifesavers, helping you to transport the heavy loads you brought to your hostel. Some even go as far as bringing them to your room while you walk in front, tired but like a ruler.

However, this relationship gets sour by the next day. They want details. They are in your room asking questions, giving suggestions, and providing encouragement.

There comes a time when you begin timing their arrival, so you’ll be far from your room when they come. Also, hall pastors come around every morning before 6 am shouting and banging the doors to push students out for morning devotion.

Thou Bloody Fresher!

As a freshman, you’re a bloody Fresher! The sooner you get to accept it, the faster you can move on with every other thing that makes sense.

This trend is annoying to every freshman. Perhaps, it’s the series of words that come after this line that makes it more vexing.

It’s a term that implies that it’s too obvious you’re a fresher. Perhaps you’re following the rules, refusing to walk on the gridlock grasses at Motion ground, looking for the right places to throw your waste, or you’re just afraid of everything.

Living in Ogba Femi is not as strict as you’re taking it.

Cut yourself some slack! The funny thing is after the first few months on campus, the lines between first-year students and stalites begin to blur.

First Day Of Lecture: How To Sight A Fresher 101

First-year students are particularly serious with their books. I guess this is owing to the multiple trials before gaining admission and the stories of how unfair the CGPA could be to even the best students.

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This explains why some of them come with books they’ve used before and ones they could get from senior colleagues.

The second night on campus and you’ll see them with their faces buried in the books trying to read what they obviously won’t understand.

This is for some specific students, but how do you spot a fresher on the first day of lectures?

Number 1: They are always running to class! To Amphi, ODLT, AUD, they are always running. This happens a lot because there are stalites who stand at strategic places to make a video of them.

Number 2: They still run for Special Elective classes! They have detailed notes and attend these classes like they would their core courses. It’s the stage where they are ignorant of the little or no value, Electives add or remove from their current 5.0 CGPA.

Wrong Directions

Being in a foreign place can be vexing. Not knowing the shortcuts to far distances and having to use a bike to every location is frustrating. This aside, the first week of balling and eating out makes cash disappear as quickly as they entered the palms.

However, the worst mistake a first-year student could make is asking for directions. Rather than asking for directions, it should be asking for directions from the wrong people, most times Awo Boys.

Imagine a scenario where you’re at the library looking lost, only to ask a seemingly nice stalite for directions to the English department.

And you’re told to follow through BOOC, go straight down towards the Education Faculty before turning back, going through Philosophy and History to reach your intended destination (the third block of humanities), which is a few feet from your initial point of confusion.

Yes! As a freshman, you’re bound to be misdirected. It’s a birthright you were admitted with.

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Freshers Party Is Not Meant For Freshers (Know this and know peace)

You must learn to accept early as a student of Obafemi Awolowo University that your fresher’s party is not meant for you, especially if you are a guy.

By induction, it is expected that Faculties and departments organize a welcome party for their freshmen, meaning that freshmen get two parties.

However, this is not the case. Fresher’s party in OAU is mostly for the stalites. This might seem weird cause of the name it takes on, but it’s an accepted fact.

The activities are organized by stalites who plan it to their taste. Choice in DJ, Food, after party, everything except for the Mr & Miss Fresher pageantry. This, as the name implies, is left to the freshers but graded by a panel of judges handpicked by the stalites. The irony, I believe!

The truth is, you get what you get, and the good thing is the next year, you shed the skin of a freshman and become a stalite. You get to have the party you were never given!

Final Words

Dear freshman, you can boldly wear your Moz or Angola hall ID card even though it makes you seem like what you are: a bloody fresher.

But it’s just for a year, right?

The baton will be passed, and you’ll get to watch as the next set of new students fall prey to the same things you did.

Life’s a cycle, right? Live it, Enjoy it.

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