Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU Campus

15 Things Only Obafemi Awolowo University Students Will Understand

If you’re a student or alumnus of Obafemi Awolowo University, then you will definitely relate to these 15 moments.

1. When you realized “Tan Gboro Tan” was actually “Town Igboro Town”.

Is there hot yam in their mouth?

2. You, begging for a bailer of water from your floormates.


3. How Hezekiah Oluwasanmi library looks during exam time:

People that managed to read there are strong sha.

4. When someone tells you they got admission to study Geology.

I pity you.

5. You, wondering if eating ‘risky’ for dinner is really worth the risk.

Is my stomach ready?

6. Celebrities to Awo boys, when they come to do a show at Amphi.

DOBALE!!! If you like be Beyonce.

7. When you see people loving up at AngloMoz and MotionGround.

Go and read your books, biko.

8. You, after using N100 to go eat at New Buka.

Iya Ila of life.

9. When someone tries to cut the queue for Health Sciences rice.

Why did they close that glorious joint down?

10. When you haven’t finished reading for exams and you hear they want to do Aluta.

Do it, abeg.

11. When you see the guy that owes you money coming out of Banwill.

It’s like that?

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12. When you pour water downstairs and start hearing “stretch your hand” and “stretch your brain”.


13. Boys, preparing for Moz 101:

Let’s do this.

14. The OAU Cycle:

Reading was not the problem, passing was.

15. Your face, when a bat shits on your favorite cloth.

When the bats are dragging the school population with humans.


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